How does an employee get to financial freedom ?!!

Employee access to Financial Freedom (Financial Goal) depends on the duration of his salary and expenses.

A number of investment theories of this issue have been interested in modern and ancient times. Some of the notes of one of the merchants of Babylon, which were published under the title of "The Richest Man in Babylon," were found. They show some laws that use any slave to master to become rich.

Recently, the consumption cycle theory discusses solutions that reach individuals to the Rules of financial freedom.

Here are the steps agreed upon by modern and old.

First: Savings
Save 10 to 20% of your monthly income to make a good capital after a period of time.
This will necessitate giving up some of the luxuries in expenses and will lead you to reduce your living costs over a period of time.
Do not waive 20% of your income placed in the savings item, you can not approach it under any circumstances.
Know perfectly well that you want to teach your children in international schools and you and your wife have a car and a house, this will come soon and you are rich.

Second: readiness
You must think about a specific trade or project that will be the beginning of your start to the business world. so that you can determine what is the appropriate amount you need to start this project and what the mechanism of implementation.
Here you should learn the following things:
How a small project starts to grow
Preparing feasibility studies for projects
How to develop a business model for your project
How to make your business more profitable
Financing mechanisms for companies and projects
Project Management
Prepare the administrative system for your company
Prepare the financial system of your company
Corporate governance systems and mechanisms
You will have enough time for the reader in these things to prepare yourself for the future project and you are still saving from your job

During this period as well, try to gather good information about the project you are dreaming and studying and communicate with similar entrepreneurs if possible until you have.

- feasibility study (at least financial)
- Full and clear business model
- A clear plan of action
Written administrative and operational system
Accounting system
- Ideas for development and capital increase

All this on a paper serial organizer

You already have a project, but on paper, it will be clear how much you will pay and how much you will earn, and here you wait for the first opportunity to complete the capital to start.

Thirdly: Be careful and strong
When the required capital is completed by saving, show your own Business, but do not leave the job until at least two years after the work of the project (during the two years you will be the observer and the guide, and the other workers and employees will do all the work for you)

Fourth: Reassess the situation
After two years .. Study the situation to answer the following questions:
1 - what if I get rid of the job, do I have a job in my own Business, or will I have excessive labor?
2 - How can I take a salary for my job in my own Business... Is this a salary suitable for me? Will this salary affect the financial situation of this Business?

If you have a job in your project (and often will) and your salary from the job of your project is good, does not affect the financial situation legitimate. If you are an add-on to your project, you can quit your job for a full time.

Why do we say that the fourth stage needs two years? !!!
During these two years, the Business is supposed to have reached a stage of parity, so that the profits of the Business have covered the costs and the project is now distracted at least and does not need more funding from you, which in my view a successful project.

Fifth: Invest is the cover.
it is not farther step, it is a parallel step, you must start with Saving Step. the point here is nobody knows more about investment, a lot of people thought that the investment is starting them own business,
that is wrong ... investment is another way of income.
some investments carry a percentage of Risk ... so what is the investment ways?  and what is the best investment I should start?

the answer will be within the next tips. 


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