Start to Invest in T-Bills (safe Invest)

T-Bills are short-term obligations of the United States Treasury, which means they are as safe as the money in your pocket. But, unlike the money you carry around, T-Bills earn interest. Guaranteed interest.

That's right, the interest and principal are guaranteed, and the U.S. Treasury has never defaulted. So, if you don't need to withdraw a certain amount for several months or longer, you can buy the 3-month or 6-month T-Bill and usually earn higher yields than you'd earn in a savings account. There are no fees to buy T-Bills if you buy them directly through

Bank CDs usually yield about the same as T-Bills, but the bank's FDIC insurance stops at $250,000 per account. T-Bills, on the other hand, are guaranteed no matter how large the denomination. Any given Monday T-Bills are available by auction through the website mentioned above from as small as $100 par value to as large as $5 million. No matter how big the bill, it's guaranteed by the U.S. Treasury, the folks to whom we pay our federal income taxes.


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