Meta Economy

 It's always the future...that thing that brings changes that we didn't expect in the past. Imagine that you are now in the year 903 AD, calling people that after 1000 years, there will be an iron pipe through which people enter and fly them to distant places that cross the seas.

I imagine you in this situation, and people throwing stones and calling you crazy until you fall dead, or maybe you are condemned to be burned alive, as they did to Galileo just for saying that the earth is a sphere.

Here we are in the present, which is yesterday's future, witnessing the things that we could not comprehend but instead treating them as something natural and familiar.

I'm talking to you now about something we may see in the next ten years or so, and it's the "Meta Economy," which I named after Mark Zuckerberg's new name for Facebook.

Many social media accounts talked about Mark Zuckerberg's new META idea, squeezing it from every social, political, and health aspect and starting to fight the idea and veto it early. I hope to see them when they try to reformulate their media materials on the new platform, forgetting what they said about it.

I am not here to refute the advantages and disadvantages of Mr. Mark's project and idea, but I want to draw your attention to a critical matter. Which is "The virtual world will soon control a large proportion of trade and commerce."

    Imagine that you will be able to buy a product from Japan while sitting at home in London. Still, this time you won't open Amazon or eBay to do so. Still, today you will put on your VR glasses and start walking around on your virtual foot in The Japanese market that specializes in selling the product you want. You may even request the creation of a virtual market that brings together everyone who sells this product in the world, then you roam between the stores, talking with the sellers with your voice and examining the effect in its details and dimensions. You may ask the seller to try the product for you before completing the purchase process to see how it works if that is possible. And you will end up paying it in the virtual bank in the market, which will hold the value of the product until it reaches you through the shipping company to your home, and then the money will be released to the seller.

Not only that.. another device more advanced than VR that you can wear and go virtually to the doctor of your choice around the world. The doctor can examine you, make the required rays, and perhaps also analyze through the machine that works with beams and Spectroscopy techniques. Then The medicine that you will buy from the nearest virtual pharmacy is prescribed to you by the doctor and shipped to you on the same day.

To launch the new dead economy, everything will turn into dead, which increases the pace of financial liquidity and makes competition between products or services boil and intense worldwide.

You will be able to make an appointment with a doctor in Germany, buy medicine in England, study in Germany, and work for a company in Canada while you are still at home. You will book your room in a hotel in Switzerland where you will spend your annual vacation, and you can inspect the room before arrival and inspect the plane seat before booking. On the day of travel, you will request the UPPER service for transportation to the airport. A car without a driver will come to take you to the airport on time while it is self-charged while it is on the move.

    This is not an imaginary thing.. this is the future.. not after 1,000 years. Instead, we are on the cusp of that after the world wakes up from the next economic storm.

The question now is... if you are in your job or sell or produce a service or a product.. where are you now in all of this? Where will you be in the META world??!!!


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